JumpStart TU


JumpStart TU is an adventurous event organized by the Center for Global Education Staff at the University of Tulsa. It’s first year was in 2017, but the video featured is from the 2018 event (which had a quadruple number of students attend than in 2017). Shanna Blount, Assistant to the Vice Provost at TU, states that the event is a way to “jump-start the TU experience of Study Abroad for students who’ve applied to TU.

98% of students who have attended the events have enrolled into the elite university. in the video, these students travel to Panama in Hispanic-America. they experience a once in a life time adventure with the staff at TU. The video was created by Devyn Lyon, per request from Blount. The video will be used to advertise the event and headline their new website (coming soon). The video is still technically in its creation process, but this video has been presented and approved by the TU Faculty as of Fall, 2018. the video will finish its edits and be re-uploaded when the JumpStart TU website is released, date TBA.

The Study Abroad program at the Univ. of Tulsa is incredibly successful and reaches countries all over the globe. An admitted freshman can have this early experience if they have applied and been admitted into the university.

To see the vide click the link above!

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