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Devyn Lyon

Creator and Founder of Lyon Films & Media. Born April 23, 2000, from a small town in northern Oklahoma, U.S. Now studying at the University of Tulsa, headed for a double major in Communications and Film Studies with minors in Photography and Spanish. After, plans to achieve a double masters in his majors at the University of Tulsa.

Obtaining a high experience level in photography and news writing. Lyon has been shooting photos and writing for local news source, Collinsville Times Star for seven years. Now, still writing for the same paper as a Reporter and Social Media Representative, also reports to TU Collegian as a head reporter, TUTV Media Labs as the shows Co-Host and Sports Anchor, TU Center for Global Education Photographer and Film Maker, and is a sports photographer for University of Tulsa Athletic Media.

Lyon graduated from Collinsville High School in 2018. He came into the journalism department and converted a monthly high school newspaper to a locally trending multi-media website, “Cardinal Connection”. Lyon’s work through four years gave his school the journalistic attention to acquire a digital media department.

His journalism training comes from teachers and mentors Bill Johnston, Kacee Price, Paige Bargas, and classes at the University of Tulsa. Photography skills acquired through the teachings of Norman Vansickle of the Collinsville Times Star and “Vanco Photography” https://www.vancophotography.com/ Film Making and Screenwriting skills gathered from Paige Bargas, Micheal Wright, and classes at the University of Tulsa.

Lyon excels at Sports Photography, Sports-Film Making, and Sports Writing. Archives include films, interviews, stories, and photography over teams from the University of Tulsa and Collinsville High School. He has completed major film productions for the teams, for the CGE department at TU, and the Admissions department at TU. He is currently in the process of making a mini-documentary for the TU Cross Country team. Lyon has traveled as far as the country of Panama to shoot film and photos for his favorite project, “JumpStart TU”.

As of 2019, Lyon is a media rep for Collinsville Varsity Wrestling and released the first Lyon Films & Media mini-documentary over Tulsa Cross Country, the most awarded sports program in Tulsa history. Lyon has in field experiences a professional documentarian, film maker,  photographer, and news reporter. Working Freelance or with major companies such as the Associated Press and the Tulsa World, Lyon has professional experience to carry any multi-media project into success. Also, there are several thesis essays and well constructed, thought provoking manuscripts in the “Blog” posts section that have been critically acclaimed in the Oklahoma area.

Find Contact Information in the “Contact” tab for prices, request, career, photography, film, and AV opportunities. Also, follow social media accounts for constant updates in the surrounding fields of interests at Lyon Films & Media.

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